A letter is your personal property!

Secure. Private. Personal.

Swisscows.email is an alternative solution for private and business email traffic, secured with innovative and most secure encryption.


Swiss privacy

Data security and neutrality

Swisscows.email is a Swiss-based email service that guarantees the highest level of privacy and security.

End-to-end encryption

Automatic email security

We use end-to-end encryption to secure emails. This means that not even we can decrypt and read your emails. Consequently, your encrypted emails cannot be passed on to third parties

Your data, your rules

Protects your privacy

Swisscows.email is an email provider/service that respects privacy and puts people (not advertisers) first. Your data is yours and our encryption ensures that. We also offer an anonymous email gateway.

What we guarantee with Swisscows.email:

Our encrypted mail is 100% read by nobody but you and your email will not be passed on to anyone but you!

Nobody but you will have access to the encrypted emails in your email inbox - not even us!

The servers are ALL in Switzerland and thus far away from NSA and EU!

The email is encrypted at the highest security level when it is sent!